Star Ratings not permanent

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Star Ratings not permanent

Post by DavideBianchini »

I am having a problem of losing my star ratings if I change/move the mp3s. I have selected "Use Windows Media Player" ratings. And when it syncs to my computer, I see the star ratings fine in WMP. However, if I make a change to the file (such as rename it), then it syncs back to my phone and I lose my star rating.

I have tried changing all the settings, like "Override Player Pro Tags," or selecting a different Star Rating System, but I still lose the star when the files sync back to my device.

Please help, I need for the start ratings to be permanent, or else there is no point in using them if they keep getting wiped.

Thank you.
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Re: Star Ratings not permanent

Post by sakkthi »

Player Pro ratings are not synced from Android to Windows Mediamonkey player. Please update
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