Star Ratings not permanent

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Star Ratings not permanent

Post by DavideBianchini »

I am having a problem of losing my star ratings if I change/move the mp3s. I have selected "Use Windows Media Player" ratings. And when it syncs to my computer, I see the star ratings fine in WMP. However, if I make a change to the file (such as rename it), then it syncs back to my phone and I lose my star rating.

I have tried changing all the settings, like "Override Player Pro Tags," or selecting a different Star Rating System, but I still lose the star when the files sync back to my device.

Please help, I need for the start ratings to be permanent, or else there is no point in using them if they keep getting wiped.

Thank you.
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Re: Star Ratings not permanent

Post by sakkthi »

Player Pro ratings are not synced from Android to Windows Mediamonkey player. Please update
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Re: Star Ratings not permanent

Post by playerpro »


If you change your star ratings on your computer, then PlayerPro needs to refresh its database to pickup those udpates you've done. To do so, you should use the "Import additional tags" option in settings / music library / music stats.
Also make sure that you selected properly the rating system. For example, if you use Mediamonkey as rating system, plz select "Mediamonkey" in settings / music stats / Rating system.

Best Regards,
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