Interface bug miui 12.5

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Interface bug miui 12.5

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any audio player does not close completely, its plate remains on the desktop, you cannot brush it off, it slips and reappears. tried all known players: player pro, fiio music, aimp. this problem appeared on miui 12.5. at 12.0 and earlier this was not. pisses me off terribly. Help. the problem is solved only by restarting the phone, even closing all applications does not help, the player still hangs on the screen, watch photos and videos
Screenshot_2021-06-04-13-07-44-660_com.miui.home (
Screenshot_2021-06-04-13-07-44-660_com.miui.home ( (112.2 KiB) Viewed 715 times
Screenshot_2021-06-04-13-07-25-623_com.miui.home (
Screenshot_2021-06-04-13-07-25-623_com.miui.home ( (80.69 KiB) Viewed 715 times
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Re: Interface bug miui 12.5

Post by stephane »

Same problem on Redmi Note 10 pro with MIUi 12.0.15
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