Newly added mp3 files won't read

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Newly added mp3 files won't read

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I just ripped about 200 songs from various artists, transferred them from my Windows 10 pc to my ZTE Axon 10 pro phone and they did not show up in my player. When I go to the files folder on my phone they are there, but for some reason player pro doesn't see them. I even refreshed in settings to force a read. Nothing. Also, the files are in the same music folder as the files that read and work.

Any ideas?

I also tried another app and they didn't read either, however, if I go directly to the files folder and poke on a song, it will play in the player pro.

I have even closed the program and restarted and also tried a restart on my phone. All to no avail.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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