Unlimited number of songs for (Smart) Playlists?

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Unlimited number of songs for (Smart) Playlists?

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I've just stumbled across PlayerPro. Browsing through the forum and the FAQ I did not find an answer to my question/request (?):
I would like my smart playlists to contain an unlimited number of songs. It appears to me, that the maximum currently is 9999. I hoped that entering 0 might make it unlimited, but it appears to actually limit it to no songs.

I have a feeling, that the limit exists for performance reasons, due to the playlist being watched every time I interact/look at the playlist. Now I may be a special case, wishing to have my whole music library with me, containing 49000 songs (on an external sd card), but when creating a few smart playlists, I did notice it taking quite a bit longer than e.g. Winamp would take on my PC, even taking the different hardware performance into account. Also it appeared to me that the playlists (or rather the song numbers) were regenerated whenever I added a new smart playlist. And speaking to the stress my phone was under, it also got quite warm.

So, TLDR: Question: How can I create a smart playlist with an unlimited amount of songs?
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