Reordering Standard Playlist

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Reordering Standard Playlist

Post by stevencrider »

Hi, I'm a PlayerPro/DSP owner.

I can't seem to figure out how to reorder a standard playlist without songs jumping around in an unexpected manner.

For example, I drag Song 2 up above Song 1, Song 1 moves down the list apparently creating space for Song 2 above it, but when I let go of Song 2 it goes back to its original place. No matter where I drag Song 2 up above Song 1, the same thing keeps happening.

Same thing if I try to move Song 3 above Song 2. Or even move a song down. Things sometimes move but never in the way expected.

Can someone clue me in to what I'm missing? Sorry if I'm doing something stupid. Wouldn't be the first time. :)

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Re: Reordering Standard Playlist

Post by Anders »

I am having the same problem. I cannot put the songs in the order I want on the playlists, the bar always goes to places I don't want.
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