General information on how to contribute to the development of PlayerPro (translations, skins, beta testing, etc).
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PlayerPro comes with an advanced skinning engine that allows to customize the interface at will.
Third party developers can freely take advantage of it to build some skins and publish them on the Google Play Store. Skins can be both chargeable or free. It is up to you to decide. We personnaly recommend to publish one free skin for every cheargeable one though.

There are two ways you can build a skin for PlayerPro. Each one fits a different profile:
- User experience designer profile: you provide the graphics of the skin and we build the skin package for you. And guide you through the publication on the Google Play Store.
- Android developer profile: you build everything yourself and we provide (optional) support to help you in this process.

You can contact us on our developer address for any inquiries.

As a reference, you can find below the different steps required to build a PlayerPro skin:

1/ Define your skin identity: name and icon
2/ Inherit from one of the base PlayerPro material themes
3/ Customize colors
4/ Customize drawables
5/ Customize layouts (optional)
6/ Build, test and release