Continuous play mode

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Continuous play mode

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Hello, I want to suggest a continuous play mode. I generally have my music arranged in folders. I would like there to be an option where automatically when finished playing a folder, it would go on to play the next folder. Every time PlayerPro plays a folder, it stops, and I manually go into the next folder and give it play. I would like PlayerPro to automatically do this for me. I hope someone else thinks it is a good idea. Thanks in advance.

Hola, quiero sugerir un modo de reproducción contínuo. Yo generalmente tengo mi música ordenada en carpetas. Me gustaría que hubiera una opción en la que automáticamente al terminar de reproducir una carpeta, pasara a reproducir la carpeta siguiente. Cada vez que PlayerPro reproduce una carpeta, se detiene, y yo manualmente entro a la siguiente carpeta y le doy reproducir. Me gustaría que PlayerPro hiciera automáticamente esto por mí. Espero a alguien más le parezca buena idea. Gracias de antemano.
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Re: Continuous play mode

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How do you proceed to play a folder?
Do you use the folder view?

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