Playlist Backup / Sync

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Playlist Backup / Sync

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I will soon be getting a new phone. I have been using PlayerPro for several years and have put a LOT of time into my playlists. Is there any way to sync or backup my playlists for easy sync / importing on my new device? Does the response change whether the playlist is a smart or 'traditional' playlist? Most of mine are traditional.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Playlist Backup / Sync

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You should backup playlists following those steps:
- Settings / Browsers / Playlist browser / Export playlists
- Copy the playlists that have been previously exported to your new phone
- Import playlists on your new phone

If you used music stats and ratings in PlayerPro, you should also backup/restore your music stats:
- Settings / Music library / Music stats / Export music stats
- Copy the backup to your new phone
- Restore music stats

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